The View From Wisconsin

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Friday, June 30, 2006


Well, things got off to a great start down at the lakefront yesterday. The Summerfest grounds lost power for about three hours, due to an apparent transformer issue - which made all the musical acts suddenly turn acoustic. At least the beer taps were still active, or people really would have gotten upset.

Tomorrow is the opening day of "Free Agent Season" in the NHL. There are already some rumblings that the Nashville Predators, instead of living up to their namesake, will instead wait for other teams to throw out huge paychecks and wait for the scraps. This would be a huge mistake, especially with some game-changing players like Jason Arnott out there. Time will tell, though.

When you have the flu or a flu-like virus, usually the body aches and pains happen before onset of the rest of the symptoms. With me this past week, it was the reverse - I had incredible back and muscular pain for most of the last 36 hours. It has finally subsided (thanks to some Aleve and rest), but I just find it unusual.

The Milwaukee Admirals have announced that they will be revealing their new logo and uniforms on August 1 at the Summerfest grounds. As that happens to be the last day of my vacation, I may wander over to see the new duds.