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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some Saturday Rants

I think I've mentioned before how surprised I am that the US doesn't have a Team Handball squad participating in the Olympics. I understand a bit why it's not as popular here in the states (something about its roots as a game enjoyed by one A. Hitler back in the day), but still - you'd think there'd be enough in the way of athletes who'd be able to play the game at a high level in this country.

Another sport I'm really surprised that the USA hasn't done well in at this Olympiad is Field Hockey. The US fared poorly in pool play in the women's tournament (1-3-1); the US didn't even qualify for the men's tournament. Field hockey, especially on the women's side, is almost a religion in New England; I only suspect that the players who might fare well in field hockey here in the states are too busy playing Lacrosse (which is a sport I only tenuously understand not being on the Olympic program).

Onto some other subjects: