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Friday, October 17, 2008

Epic Fail

Something happened after that long, 31-minute top half of the seventh inning last night in Boston. Somehow, the team that was supposedly the Tampa Bay Rays turned into the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of 1998.

The seven run lead should be considered a controlled substance by the FDA. Improper handling leads to the complete explosion that occurred two innings later.

I'm thinking that there were three mistakes made during those last two-and-a-half innings:
Of course, I won't say anything about Crisp's singling into the third out at second base, because he got away with it. I would hope that Terry Francona let him know that wasn't a great move in the long scheme of things, but I somehow doubt it.

Maddon's gotta learn to go for the jugular when he had them on the ropes. I suspect he won't let this happen again - but the damage may have already been done.

As it is, I'm suspecting the Phillies to win game one of the World Series, whether it's in Fenway or at the Trop. And though I wouldn't put the house on it (I know, bad choice of words in these times), I suspect the World Series will be over in four games.