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Saturday, January 29, 2005


The NHL has officially "tried."

They have, in their mind, "tried" to get negotiations started; they have "tried" to get a deal done; they have "tried" to save the season.

This means one thing, and one thing only: impasse and implementation are soon at hand.

There's only one thing wrong - the NHL doesn't have anything to implement. They don't have a "last, best, final offer" that they can put together and use as their economic blueprint. Yeah, they have their $36 million salary cap, but you have to wonder if their ears are still ringing from the laughter by the NHLPA over their explanation of how they'd implement the hard cap.

An impasse is soon to be declared. All that's necessary is a proposal on the part of the league - one that crosses the T's and dots the I's.

The NHL, however, is still waiting for the players to cave. I'm not sure that's going to matter at this late date.


On another note, I finally went in to my website at changed by main link page. I figure, why the heck should I bother with my Predators links, if they haven't played a single game in nine months?

On a similar note - anyone want some slightly-used hockey jerseys?