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Friday, April 29, 2005

A Long Time

For those of you who might not know or care, I've been doing this online web thing for over a decade now.

In fact, I was reminded tonight in a small way of just how long it's been: I did an ego-Google on my name, and found about three or four "broken links" to my old Exec-PC website. Off-hand, I can't remember exactly when I took down my old Exec-PC website (they're now owned by some other company, CoreComm), but it's been more than five years.

In fact, a person who's actually been on the net as long as I have, Bonni Hall, has not only moved servers in her long time on the 'net - she's moved halfway around the world. She met a fellow Monty Python fan online, and moved out from Peoria, Illinois to Melbourne.

That she and I still have a net.presence is somewhat remarkable; there aren't too many of us who built websites from the ground up.