The View From Wisconsin

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Thursday, June 07, 2007


The season is now finally over. The Anaheim Ducks have won the Stanley Cup. (Hamilton is on the verge of winning the Calder, but that's another story.)

Meanwhile, the silence coming from the Balsillie camp about the purchase of the Predators is deafening. Half of Canada is convinced the Preds are headed for Southern Ontario (and the other half just wants them out of Nashville). Poile and the rest of the front office is in limbo at the absolutely worst time of the year (uh, sorry, Harts, don't know how much I'm allowed to spend on re-signing you... what? Edmonton?).

Add to that the ignominy of the hordes of Cub fans descending on Miller Park this week to watch their Pinella-less team take two of three from the Brewers (despite the Crew maintaining their division lead through it all), and it's made for a crappy week so far.

At least my dad's back from Italy in one piece, though he got rained on for most of his trip to Europe. I'm going to have to help him get the photos off of his Kodak Digital camera sometime next week.