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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I've reached a milestone of sorts today, though my body was screaming at me last night because of it.

Yesterday, I did some biking on my new Revive cycle (see the previous post on that). My knees didn't care much for the ride, because I'm sitting at a different angle. Which means, of course, that my legs are actually doing more work than they were with my mountain bike.

It has paid off, though, all this biking and such. I weighed myself this morning, and it came up to 159.5 pounds.

Way, way, wayyyyy back in June of 2006, I was tilting the scales at well over 260 pounds. That means, in 14 months, I've managed to shed 100 lbs.

I'm only 15 lbs. away from my "goal weight" of 145 pounds - which puts me on the high side of a "normal" weight for someone 5'4". I'm averaging about 13.6 pounds lost per month, which means that (hopefully) sometime before the end of October, I'll be at 145.

This has really made my day, and it makes the aches worth it.