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Friday, February 22, 2008


I nearly had a replay of the infamous Wii Sports Baseball Bat incident last night.

The collar of the bat attachment developed a crack just above where it connects to the base at the release button of the the handle.

Here's a closeup of the handle. It's not easy to see, but there's a crack on the bar between where the bat connects to the handle and the "release" tab - which means that if you take a Jeromy Burnitz-like swing, the bat section is going to go flying.

I've sent an e-mail to PDP, the maker of the Wii Sports Pack, and told them about the crack. There's also a small crack on the connecting tab itself; I'm starting to think that they didn't do a durability test on the handles or the connectors. Meantime, I've settled on either not using the bat, or using tape to hold the bat collar on.

On the subject of annoyances: I'm getting a bit perturbed over a little "design feature" in Excel 2007. In the latest edition of Microsoft's spreadsheet program, you can now sort items by more than the default three items of past versions.

Only one small problem: if you are editing a 97-2k3 spreadsheet, and you have a default sort order that you've used previously for columns (like, for example, date/time/item with me and my food diary, or date/time/miles for a gas mileage log), they disappear when you open it in 2k7. And, if you sort the columns in 2k7, when you go to open it in an older version of Excel - they disappear as well.

Methinks that was probably part of the "bloat" in Excel spreadsheets that Microsoft decided to cut out, but it's a major annoyance for those of us who use the Sort function regularly. (Yeah, yeah, I know - both of us, right?)