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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super 43 - Second Quarter

Oh, THERE'S the monkey commercial. Castrol GTX? Oy.

Steelers continue:
Commercial time - oh geez, Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell?
Cards take over after a few Bud commercials. Oh, wait, that's a STAR TREK commercial!
Next set of commercials: Oh, great, the "G" commercials. And that was a commercial? Ugh.

Pittsburgh's back on the field, up 10-7. Rackers: send the ball into the End Zone. Okay, not quite.
Cardinals BIG return of the punt! No touchdown, though - never been done in a Super Bowl. (Keep that in mind for future reference...)
The 3-D commercial don't work for me, mostly because - well, I am color-deficient. Red-blue shifting doesn't do it for me. Sigh.

Anyways... Under three to go and third and halfway to Tallahassee:
Nice coverage by the Cards. Steelers start at their own 16. (Sorry, Lisa, but I'm not going to watch halftime. I know your hubby will be plastered to the TV for it.)
Subtle, Mr. Leno. Now, back to the Red Machine in the Two-minute Offense:
Last 18 seconds of the half. Cards get six here, different game. AND they get the ball in the second half.

PICKOFF! Touchdown - but there's a flag. A 100-yard Interception return. That's GOT to be the longest in Super Bowl history. (Thanks, Al.) Harrison got in, I think.