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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Even Bigger Ten

As a Big Ten apologist, I kinda feel I have to give my US$0.02 on the news that the Big Ten is seeking to expand.

The reason isn't just to increase revenue by creating a championship game from two divisions in the FBS, but to address some inequities in the Big Ten's schedule (read: the conference falls off the map after the regular season ends, while the Big 12 and the SEC get the pub and the TV time for their championship games).

The Holy Grail of institutions, of course, would be UND - located smack dab right in the middle of Big Ten country and one of the largest and most loyal (Charlie Weis nonwithstanding) fan bases. The biggest issue with the Golden Domers, though, is that it doesn't fit the one main tenet that defines a Big Ten University: the big, state-run, research-minded institution. There are, however, at least seven other schools that the conference is considering:
I would think that, if Pitt can't be convinced to make the jump to the Big Ten, Louisville or Cincinnati would be idea choices. I do wonder, though, if there's a school the conference honchos already have in mind; maybe Notre Dame realizes it needs to affiliate with a conference because it can't afford to keep firing coaches every five years?