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Monday, July 23, 2012

Penn State

And the NCAA finally came down with its sanctions against PSU. Let's compare how they lined up with my predictions:
The only thing about the sanctions that I didn't foresee was the vacating of wins, but that was about all they could do to address Paterno's now-tarnished legacy. I also suspected, but didn't mention, that PSU would go on probation for the next several years (five is what was announced).

Do I agree with all this? I think the NCAA essentially went as far as they could go without giving Penn State the so-called "Death Penalty". And, I also think they realized that no matter what they were going to do, there would be complaints that it did nothing to help those who'd been victimized by Sandusky. 

Either way, it was probably the best thing the university was going to get from the NCAA.