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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Thoughts on losing a friend

A few thoughts, now that it's over:

  1. Every time Bettman used the words, "and our fans" in his statement (which was probably dated Sept. 16, 2004), it got me angrier and angrier. If he cared about the fans, HE WOULD HAVE ENDED THE LOCKOUT AND PLAYED UNDER THE OLD CBA UNTIL THEY COULD AGREE ON A NEW ONE. It just drove me crazy by the end of the press conference.

  2. It's a good thing that I have lousy aim, or my remote would have been right through the TV set after I snapped off the press conference on ESPN. As it is, I had to replace the batteries and battery cover (which is now loose, thanks).

  3. The National Hockey League NEVER INTENDED TO START THE SEASON. I'm sorry, but that is now crystal clear. Their intenton is clear: they are out to break the union and implement their own rules, their own financial structure.

  4. When do the lawsuits start? I'm sure that the creditors that are propping up Lemieux and company are going to start beating down his door, demanding that their letters of credit be paid in full - now. And what about all of the players who signed one-year deals before September 15th?

  5. Everything in this lockout was nothing more than posing, posturing, and preparing for the real battle that's to come: the legal warfare to be fought in the courts and in front of the NLRB.

"Welcome to the era of the No Hockey League..."