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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Last One Standings

The NL Central will, more than likely, be won by a team with 83 or fewer wins. This is sad. All three teams at the top lost their games last night, meaning the Brewers, Cubs and Cardinals are still in exactly the same place they were yesterday. Except, of course, that the Cardinals now have the HGH scandal hanging over their heads. And the Brewers and Cubs have bullpens that are made of kindling, not firemen.

Finally took the copy of EZ Antivirus off the wife's laptop yesterday. Amazingly, the computer is working even better than it was previously. I think CA's security suite of programs and Zone Alarm do not get along with each other, which was causing a lot of the problem.

Bucky Badger gets to play on national TV tonight... if you can call being on Versus "National". Okay, okay, that's a potshot at a network that carries my favorite sports league, but hey, shot was there, had to take it, right? Hopefully we can figure out how to play without our "home game only" backfield. Mr. Clay, it's time you show your stuff out there.

Random bits: I came across an interesting site via Newsweek, called It computes a "score", on a scale of 0-100, of how easy it would be for you to walk from that address to necessary shopping, restaurants, school or other places life might require you. My home came in at 40, which was okay - but don't go selling the car... I'm interested in reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac. I read a brief excerpt a few weeks back, and I'm thinking I may need to check it out at the library this week... I've got to track down a couple of song lyrics, because it's driving me nuts as to what exactly the lead singer of Republica is singing in "Baby I'm Ready To Go".