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Saturday, September 06, 2008


After some hemming and hawing over the last few years, my dad has finally decided to switch cars with my wife and myself. Sarah's been driving an old 2001 Dodge Neon since we bought it new back in February of that year, and it has seen better days. 

Actually, more like it's gone through the wringer; within the first year of our ownership, it was involved in two accidents (one with me and a deer, one with her and the rear-end of a truck). It hasn't exactly been treated well by my dear sweet wife, but she does generally take good care of her cars. 

My dad got out of his old Chrysler Minivan a few years ago in favor of a Chrysler Sebring. The Sebring had a lot of legroom - good for him and his knees - but there was a major problem with the selection that the dealership had. 

Namely, it was a convertible. 

Yes, we're aware of the pitfalls of owning a convertible. Yes, it would probably be more appropriate if he would have taken the car down to Arizona and kept it there, but that's not going to happen. And yes, the Neon - for all its positives - is not as reliable a car for Sarah as we'd like it to be, which is the main reason why we need the new car. 

There are a lot of other issues as to why we're going this route - $ome of them are obviou$, of cour$e. I'm hoping it will work, though. We do have a garage, and it's not that horrendous to drive in the winter (I know, having to use it when dealing with my dad's hospital stays last year).