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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Blah of our Discontent

As wonderful as it was that we held on to win last night against the Cubs, it was a Pyhrric victory in that it was only our seventh against them on the year - and that we were eliminated from the Wild Card race before the game started. Meanwhile, the Cheesehead nation is doing the Chicken Little routine after losing to an arguably lesser team in the Bungles... er, I mean, the Bengals.

At least the Admirals have opened up training camp - though I wonder why we have Wacey Rabbit on the roster. I do have eight of my 10 vouchers turned in for tickets already, so I'm good (though I'm up a row from last year due to Row F being a full-season ticket now).

In all of this, I'm just feeling down over all this wet, humid, ucky weather. It's like all of Southeastern Wisconsin has turned into the Scottish Moors.