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Friday, June 04, 2010

My Take On Imperfection

As much ado as has been made of the situation that happened in Cleveland on Wednesday night, I have been pretty much on the opposite side of the fence as many of the mainstream media types are.

I do not believe that MLB should "take away" the hit, nor do I believe that this is a clarion call for instant replay to be implemented. I have pointed out to some critics that this is not the first time that an umpire made a mistake that "robbed" a pitcher of a perfect game (Hello, Bruce Froemming and Milt Pappas), nor is it the biggest mistake made by an umpire (Don Denkinger, please pick up the Whitey Herzog courtesy phone).

However, there's one nagging question that I have: why didn't the official scorer at Progressive "It's Still Jacobs To Me" Field just do the magnanimous thing and call it an error? I'd have been much more comfortable with Galarraga having a no-hitter with an error than a one-hitter with a bad umpiring call.