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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Death In Sport

San Francisco 49ers lineman Thomas Herrion collapsed in the locker room after the team's exhibition game in Denver. Herrion was on the field for the last drive of the game, where the Niners scored a touchdown.

According to the AP report, "Players had finished listening to coach Mike Nolan address them in a postgame meeting when Herrion collapsed. Medics administered CPR on him and took him to an ambulance that rushed him to a nearby hospital.

"About three hours later, 49ers spokesman Aaron Salkin confirmed that Herrion had been pronounced dead. The cause of death was not immediately known."

This is incredibly sad, for any sports fan. The Niners have had the "year from hell" in 2005, with the issues regarding their PR director and other various malestroms of controversy surrounding the team. To have this happen, in a pre-season game, is just devastating.

My heart goes out to the Niners organization and its players and coaches.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Love My Cat

I love my cat.

The other day, as she was laying on the table behind my desk, getting petted, I noticed something on her left foreleg.

It looked like she had either licked her fur off, or had either scraped or bit herself. I called the vet, and I took her in this morning.

After some spitting, hissing, fur samples, two shots and two liquid dropper meds later, I still don't really know what the problem is.

The vet suggested that it could be an allergic reaction to her diet - possibly something with the treats we give her. The seafood treats may have had something in them that is making her allergic, which caused her to lick or bite herself.

The fur samples were to try to determine if she may have contracted ringworm. Meanwhile, they gave her an antibiotic shot and gave us two liquid meds (Lincocin Aquadrops and Pedia-pred) to give her, on the assumption that this is an allergy.

It's also possible that she got into a scrape trying to jump in/out of a close space in our home. She likes to sneak into closets and hide, and (to paraphrase Toby Keith) she's not as young as she once was.

The total bill for this little escapade - the first time we've had to do this since we got her - was $198.

We paid, I think, only $50 for her back in 1996. That's about $62 now, but still.

Her opinion, I think, is that she's worth it.

I love my cat. I have to keep saying that.

She's been lazing around today, still groggy from the shots she got.

I don't blame her.

SEW, OLN and the NHL

The principle of SEW is showing that it is alive and well in regards to our beloved National Hockey League this week.

The "SEW" principle is a very simple one, one that has helped sports recover from the darkest depths and the most precipitous times. It is the simplest form of capitalism (and I'm not talking about being a follower of Alex Ovechkin and his teammates in DC).

The principle is: If you don't buy it, Someone Else Will.

If you're not the one going out and buying Predators season tickets, someone else will buy your ticket.

If your network doesn't plunk down at least $60 million for your cable TV rights, some other network will - and maybe even more.

If a team doesn't pay beau coup bucks for a star player, some other team will.

It's the beauty of living in a free-market society - and the NHL is benefitting from it.

I'll bet that, by the end of the 2006 season, OLN will have the highest ratings for NHL games than any other show on its network - and maybe even higher than Poker Night on ESPN.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Another reason why I don't care for most of SciFi (the cable channel, not the genre) movies: There was a movie on late last night, called Impostor (2002). Gary Sinise plays the lead character, a scientist who (in a future where Earth is battling aliens) is accused of being an alien himself. Ironically, I didn't actually watch the entire movie, but caught the main points of the film as I was bouncing across the dial. The plot twist at the end just bothered me to no end - for the same reason why I hate Independence Day, and refuse to go see The War of The Worlds. I guess I am of the Rodenberry camp, where I believe that the future has to be a better place.

Anyways, on with the countdown:

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Packer Season Has Begun

And with the opening kickoff of the first pre-season game for the Packers, the state of Wisconsin officially moves into "Packer Season" mode.

That means:

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Good While It Lasted

So much for that pursuit of .500 for the Brewers. Nothing like a little beat-down or two by the reigning league champions to put your mindset about the team back in the dumpster.

I see that housing costs are rising faster than pay raises. No duh - my lender jacked up my monthly payment by over $40, mostly because my municipality is jacking up its tax levies. Good thing I can take private Mortgage insurance off of my payment now.

The NHL has been offered $100 mil by Comcast's OLN Network to take over the league's cable broadcast rights. ESPN has the right to match, but they were seeking a deal worth only $30 mil, according to sources. Bettman and company would be foolish not to take it at this point.

Speaking of the NHL, teams will have new looks when they hit the ice this fall. Reebok is now the exclusive manufacturer of NHL sweaters in place of CCM, and they are going to sport a few changes. First, some of the v-neck sweaters will have the NHL logo at the valley of the neck. Second, the shoulders will have a new third-logo design; the Preds sweaters will have the skull logo instead of the old N-tower logo. Not sure if I'm keen on this change, but I understand the reasoning.

The Packer Flu will probably be out in full force on Friday and Saturday, once again. It seems like workplaces come to a screeching halt when they Packers play, even when it's the preseason. It's sad, to a point. I'm just glad I'm on vacation.

On the card collecting front: I made a recent purchase of a wax box of 1991-92 O-Pee-Chee hockey cards at a bargain price of $4 from a local dealer. Unfortunately, as I opened the first pack, I realized that this wasn't going to be a good thing. See, the dealer bought the boxes as part of an estate deal, and apparently these boxes had been stored in a garage. A hot, humid garage. Bubble gum doesn't like heat or humidity. Guess what the cards in these packs looked like? Yep - crapola. On the good side, I did return to the dealer and showed him the damage, and he gave me two new boxes of different sets for my trouble. I'm going to go over the cards during my vacation next week, to see if any of them are salvageable. The insert cards - which were all facing the bubble gum slab - are beyond repair. Goo Gone doesn't even budge the gum.

An update on the Palmeiro observation... obviously, since the drug suspension was announced, a lot of negative press has been foisted on people. I suspect that the BBWAA will come down hard on Raffi when he's first eligible for the HOF, be that in 2010 or whenever. However, I don't think we can keep him out of the Hall forever - 'roids or not.

Time for bed...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Paulie K - The Latest Hit in Nashville

Wow... what a day.