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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Needing More

Reason number 527 why the city of Milwaukee is in desperate need of a second daily newspaper:

The Journal-Sentinel, in their continuing quest to remain relevant to daily life in Milwaukee County, has been running a series on new housing construction within Milwaukee and neighboring counties.

Today's front page had an article about a new condo complex that would abut a stone quarry in Lannon - which is a few miles north of where I live in Waukesha County. Apparently, the quarry's owners don't want the condos built, because they fear the residents would complain too much about their operations.

However, there's just one itty bitty problem with the article: the photo that accompanied the article is not that of the Halquist stone quarry.

Mark Belling made this revelation today on his talk show on WISN radio 1130 AM. From the photos, you can tell that it isn't the quarry - mostly because Halquist's quarry is split in half by what used to be STH 164. It also has a small bunch of side-streets on the southwest corner of the property that would have been visible from the supposed photo.

This is a goof of epic proportions for a newspaper like the MJS. You think they could at least do a fact check and make sure that the photo is of the right place.

Someone get Ruppert Murdoch on the line; we need someone else to print the truth in this town...