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Saturday, February 19, 2005


So I come home from work this morning and discover that E.J. "Hrink Happenings" Hradek is telling everyone on the family of ESPN networks that a deal had been reached "in principle."

And then, I get up this afternoon to discover - surprise, surprise - that after meeting with each other all morning, talks broke off yet again between the NHL and NHLPA - even with the supposed "help" of Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

In the words of the "President of Beers" commercial guy, this is a TraveShaMockery.

The NHL is more of a punch line than it is anything else right now. And to add to the joke, Steve Moore has decided to file a civil suit against Todd "Goon in Scorer's Clothing" Bertuzzi for his antics back when the NHL was actually playing hockey. Leno and Letterman's joke writers will have a field day with these - if they're not oversaturated with the Canseco steroid jokes.

I know one thing about this lockout: I will not believe that a settlement has been reached until "The Bettman" and (not)Goodenow walk out in a joint press conference with a piece of paper signed by both that it's over.

Anything else is nothing more than a joke.