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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cards, cards, everywhere cards

I am endeavoring to count up and account for all of the sports cards that I've accumulated over my lifetime. It's a time-consuming effort, and it's also coming with some bad memories for me.

Back in my sophomore year at Whitewater, a couple of dorm-mates who were big baseball card collectors convinced me to break up two of my Topps card sets, which I had a complete set of at the time. Unfortunately, the two cards happened to be rookie cards. And, double unfortunate, one of them is heading to the Hall of Fame this summer (and people in the Bronx think the other one should be in the Hall, too).

I have to give a huge shout out to Torch's Sports Cards, though - he helped me complete the two sets (for about the price I paid to buy the 1984 set way back when). I also got some 1984 Fleer Wax Packs (no, no Mattingly rookie in there - though it would have been justice), and some Donruss wax packs from 1985.

I also indulged in my NHL jones, getting a few packs of the 2005 Pacific set. Part of me wonders when/how the major manufacturers are going to put out a card set next year for the NHL, with stock pictures that are over a year old...