The View From Wisconsin

Just a random set of rants from a Sports Fan from Wisconsin.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Dear Johnny Damon,

What in the **** were you thinking?


Dear Chris Chelios,

Okay, how much money did you give USA Hockey? There's no other reason why you should be on the Olympic squad. Unless, of course, you have a picture of Laviolette with a goat... or you really know who was behind the hotel room trashing in Nagano. Your fellow alum Ryan Suter deserved a spot more than you do.


Dear Bill Wirtz,

When are you going to wise up and sell the team to someone who actually cares about hockey more than you care about your door?


Dear Ryan Suter,

Way to use the snub by team USA to your advantage. I'm sure dad can help you get that puck mounted for your trophy case.


Dear ESPN,

Must have been a slow news day when you end up as the story. What the heck were you thinking when you asked Matt Leinart, an NCAA "student-athlete", to do a promo for SportsCenter? Even if you didn't pay him, you could have accidentally messed up the BCS "championship game" your parent company paid all those beau coup bucks to broadcast.


Dear Coach Berezowitz,

These things happen. Too bad it happened in the championship game. I know you'll get the Hawks back to the playoffs again. This time, though, maybe you guys need a loss in the regular season before you hit the post-season.

Oh, and tell Beaver to stay healthy during the off season... he looks like he could be our load carrier for the next couple of years.