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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Winter's Here

Winter has finally arrived in Wisconsin. We got a blanket coating of the white stuff last night, and the temps have been hovering down in the teens. Meanwhile, I can tell I'm getting old because I'm getting every little ache because of it.

I am now a member of the XM Nation. I went out and bought a Delphi MyFi XM radio Monday, and have fallen in love with it. I'm now even happier that XM has finally addded NHL Home Ice on channel 204 - 24/7 hockey talk. I'm just getting used to the various features of the radio, including the five-hour "time shifting" recording feature. My first recording? The last 10 minutes of the Preds-Kings game.

The state of Florida is planning on issuing to individuals who are convicted of DUI a separate "pink" license plate. Here in Wisconsin, I'm not sure how that would work; I mean, it might be better if they made it blaze orange, but then people might just think you're a hunter...