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Friday, February 17, 2006

Words You Don't Want to Hear

There are several words you do NOT want to hear when you take your computer in to be serviced.

They are as follows:

"You are going to have to reinstall Windows."

They are the eight words that are the equivalent to "your car is totalled" and "you have six months to live."

After I picked up my computer from the Geek squad, they noted that it appeared that everything was working as it should - until I had them boot it up. Norton wouldn't refresh its opening screen (where it says how each area of NAV is operating, including when the last scan was). The GS guy also couldn't change something in Internet Options. That was when he uttered the infamous words above.

I do believe that I can try two things to get around this: first would be to possibly just extract rundll32.exe, or maybe just re-install Service Pack 2. Either way, I wouldn't end up having to nuke everything (and the hassle of trying to re-install all my stuff, and all my documents).

Either way, this looks to be a long weekend for me.