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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Attitude Adjustments and other Changes

As a typical Predators fan, I'm always concerned with the fortunes of the team on a day to day basis. You can't be a fan of any sports team and not have this happen, I would think. There's a distinct difference, though, in the attitude when it comes to following this team.

In the past, it was a happy circumstance when they won – but you didn't expect them to go out and win games, night after night. Now, with the likes of Arnott, Kariya, Dumont, Suter, Weber and company on this team, you do expect them to win. It's only an odd situation when they don't. That is a major shift from those days of yore, when you just hoped that their hard work and tenacity would result in a lucky win. Now, it's only because something happened that took the game away from them.

That attitude change says something about this team. That and the fact they're 12-5-1 with their backup goaltender in net really tells you something.

On to other matters: