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Friday, January 12, 2007

Beckham, Bowls and Botched Tech Launches

Let the jokes about the "iFUBARphone" commence...
  1. Wapsi Square. My fave by a long shot. Paul Taylor does a great job of fleshing out characters and making you give a damn about their lives.
  2. Sheldon. Just a fantastically drawn strip. I almost imagine that if Charles Schultz had lived in California all his life and came along about 50 years later, this is the strip he would have drawn. Has the right amount of geek references, the right amount of just funny "life" stuff... and Arthur is just the cutest thing. I'm waiting for the stuffed version to come out. Strangely enough, it's because of Dave Kellett's strip that I was turned on to the other strips in my top five - but that's another story.
  3. Starslip Crisis. Kristofer Straub's "anti-Star Trek" story is the right amount of SciFi and weirdness. If Star Trek was Wagon Train to the Stars, then SSC is F-Troop to the Stars. Though there's a bit of a hard edge to it at times, Kris doesn't take the future as seriously as others do. (Actually, he doesn't take the future seriously at all - take a look at Time Friends.)
  4. PvP Online. Okay, I admit it - I like this strip. And no, it's not because I'm some gamer geek that spends hours on end playing WoW. I actually like it because it's funny, it speaks to my generation (which does consist of gaming geeks), and the characters are realistic (okay, maybe not the troll or the cat), funny and have faults. It's kinda like a goofy version of Seinfeld. And I mean that in the best of ways, Mr. Kurtz, I really do.
  5. Evil Inc. Brad Guigar's premise was simple: Evil's better if you do it legally. What's funnier is when a company founded by a supervillan for supervillans gets sold in a corporate takeover... to a group of superheroes!
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