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Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Proof That Topps Has Lost It

I was at Miller Park yesterday - an off day for the Brewers - and went into the Fan Zone to look around at a few things. I walked out with a Cerveceros cap (Spanish for "Brewers"), a Media Guide for 2008 and the Topps team baseball card set.

As I was buying the set, one of the guys behind the counter said, "Uh, you do know that there's an error in this set, right?" I looked at him quizzically and he told me the problem - the card shown at left.

Now, I'll bet that the photo checker for Topps just saw the "2" and didn't think anything about the card being right or wrong. However, that is NOT Bill Hall on the card - and just about any Brewers fan worth their salt would be able to tell you right away that it's Rickie Weeks.

The key factor is that he's standing on second base; Hall hasn't played a game at second or shortstop since 2006. However, if you look closely at the card, you can see the top of the 3 just to the right of the 2 on the jersey.

As if the whole Kazuo "First of April" Uzuki card bit wasn't bad enough...