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Monday, June 16, 2008

An Update on the Water

A small update:

Those of you not from the SE Wisconsin area might not be familiar with how Pewaukee and Pewaukee Lake looks when it's not under water, I found some photos I took back in April and May:

This is looking southeast down Main Street/West Wisconsin Avenue along the Lakefront. Compare this to this photo of downtown.

This is looking back up from Main Street, a block down from the five-corners that is now under water. Where most of those cars are sitting is basically water now.

The intake shown here is where the Pewaukee River normally goes on its way through the Village of Pewaukee. Everything between the river and the condo building on the right is under water.

If I were able to go out onto this pier where I took this photo back in May (which I can't, since it's been blocked off by water and warning signs), you would see nothing but water. There is actually two plows and a salt truck sitting right now in the middle of this photo, acting as a temporary levee. The reason is that there's nothing preventing the water from going right into the flooded Pewaukee River.

An odd sight, which (unfortunately) the photos I took today don't show: the water going through the five-corners intersection (Main Street, Park Avenue, Oakton Avenue and East Wisconsin) had a school of pretty good-sized fish swimming through it. They looked rather confused, as they were swimming in circles.

And guess what the NWS says is in our forecast for today? 20% chance of showers, cloudy and cooler. Ouch.