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Monday, June 09, 2008

Water Water Everywhere

For any or all of you who were wondering:

Yes, I did end up going into my basement on Saturday night. No, there was no apparent funnel cloud that hit in our immediate area.

Yes, the street in front of my house turned into a river for about 15 minutes or so. Yes, there is a crapload of flooding around my area. In fact, downtown Pewaukee is closed right now, because Pewaukee Lake has essentially overflowed and covered its beaches.

The Pewaukee River (which is only a couple of blocks away from me) has overflowed its banks, but I'm on slightly higher ground. It'd take another nine-10 inches of rainfall for the river to get that high - and if it did, pretty much ALL of Pewaukee would be underwater.

So far (knock wood), there hasn't been any issues with flooding in my basement. My dehumidifier has been running constantly, though.

I am slightly fearful as to what I'm walking back into at work tonight, as the tornado warning on Saturday affected my workplace; the tracking of the storm blew right over EAS. I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of worked up/frightened kids tonight.

What's been going on around here is just amazing. Lake Delton, which was a huge vacation area spot for many in the Wisconsin Dells area in middle Wisconsin, is... no more. The dam that held the water in broke, which basically emptied it entirely into the Wisconsin River. There's nothing but mud and muck, with a whole bunch of houses located on the shoreline collapsing into what used to be the Lake.

Anyways, I'm high and dry (for now).