The View From Wisconsin

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Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's looking like no one cares about little things like contracts, agreements or playing by the rules anymore.

Has this crappy economy really done this to us, where you have things like Alexander Radulov signing an essentially illegal contract with a Russian hockey club - while still under contract with the Nashville Predators?

Are we all that much of a pain in the posterior that Brett Favre - because the Packers want to move on and not deal with his "am I retiring?" crap again - is asking to be released from his contract so he can play elsewhere?

And why can't we find enough people who want to come in to work on a weekend in July? (Okay, scratch that last one - this is, after all, the season of festivals and parties in Wisconsin.)

I think this world is getting to the point of just saying "bleep you" to everyone and anyone. It's sad, really.