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Friday, September 03, 2010

LONGBALL and the NEXT question...

As I'm dissatisfied with the performance of the current Brewers squad, I've decided to continue playing my "greatest Milwaukee team" series - except the 2008 squad is now facing what could be its toughest opponent yet: the 1957 Milwaukee Braves.

Yes, there are four, count 'em, 4 hall of famers in the starting lineup for game one for the Braves (Aaron, Mathews, Schoendienst and Spahn). And it may be a shock for the Crew's players when they step out for games three and four and see a relatively brand-new ballpark in Milwaukee - and it's not Miller Park.

I'll post some updates about the series as it goes along. My eventual goal is to play out another series between the winner of this one and the 1979 Brewers - arguably the best Brewers team in AL history (that, unfortunately, ended up eight games behind the Orioles juggernaut of Earl Weaver and company).