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Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Of These Things...

When you sit down to think about it, it's rather obvious that there's an odd-man out in the two conference championship games in the NFL on Sunday.

Consider this - the four teams in the NFC and AFC Championships are:
The only thing the Jets have going for them is their large fan base and their reputation as an upstart, underdog franchise. That's about it.

As much as I'd think Fox would love to see the Bears-Packers winner take on the J-E-T-S (at least, from a viewership standpoint), I don't think they'll shed a tear if any combination of these teams makes it to Dallas.

Still - I'm thinking the winner of the game in Chicago is probably going to face the Steelers in the Super Bowl. I can only imagine the delicious irony if it were the Pack and the Steelers - both have historic rivalries with the Cowboys, both in championship games.