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Monday, September 13, 2004

Fantasy Football

Well, so much for the pre-season predictions - and "auto drafting" in Fantasy Football.

I'm in four different fantasy football leagues, all on Yahoo. Three of them were "auto-drafts" - you give the computer a list of players you want it to draft, and it does an automatic draft based on random draft order of the league. Well, in those three leagues, using essentially the same list, I drafted three separate teams (with not much similarity, other than I have Brett Favre in two of them). The fourth one was the subject of a live draft via an online Java chat program - which took an interminable amount of time because one owner was a no-show, a second one got disconnected halfway through the draft, and two owners were basically clueless about their teams. I walked away from that draft with a bad taste in my mouth, and not entirely sure I had a very good team.

That is the one league where I am winning, going into the Monday Night game between the Pack and the Panthers.

In the other three leagues, I'm no less than 20 points down with Monday Night to go. How many times this has happened to me in the past (being down so far going into the MNF game) is beyond me.

The problem with being in so many leagues is that the player who you need to have a big game in one league is the guy the other team has going for them in another league. That is definitely the case in two of the leagues: I have the Carolina defense as a "hedge" against getting "Favred" in one leauge, while in my Public league my opponent has the Carolina defense.

By the way, the term "Favred" is a Fantasy Football term coined in the oldest-running of the leagues that I'm in, the Not Quite Ready For Prime Time Football League. Our beloved Brett Favre, who has had days where he has stunk up the joint in terms of Fantasy Football, has frustrated many an owner who has drafted him. I myself have benched him one week in frustration, only to have him turn in a 30- or 40-point masterpiece that would have won me the game the following week. He's never been released as a FFL player, though.