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Thursday, November 25, 2004

A Thanksgiving Blog

Haven't ranted for a while. Time to do some Thanks and Turkeys.

A little aside: the NBA's little "crisis" over the Pistons-Pacers fight-and-riot at Pontiac isn't part of some larger issue. It's a simple case of a lot of people making a lot of bad decisions at the same time. That, my friends, is the problem with this world - too many people make bad decisions, and when it all happens at the same time, it's ugly. As for the media coverage of this whole thing: someone needs to remind the people in Bristol that if it wasn't for the fans (who they so greatly lauded all last year in the "Season of the Fan" for their 25th anniversary promos), they'd still be sitting in trailers in a mud-hole outside of Hartford.

Speaking of which: I see that the Paris 2012 Olympic bid has played the anti-American sentiment as their deal in the Olympic Bid game. Hmmm... maybe we should consider not going to the '12 Olympics if they're in France. Instead, hold our own "International Sports Festival" in New York, and invite the coalition of countries that helped us in Afghanistan and Iraq to come play. Get Colin Powell on it, he's not doing anything right now...

I still can't believe the whole hunter "massacre" in Northern Wisconsin over the weekend. It's unfathomable. (There's something I could say here, but my profession prohibits me from commenting about it.) I do, however, have co-workers that know the fellows who were killed or hurt - if the accusations that Vang is making are true, then I'm a poached egg.


"That's enough for now - just remember, Ron Artest, when you sit down to the table tomorrow: you are what you eat..."