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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What Might Have Been

Today, October 13, would have been the opening night for the NHL hockey season, if it had occurred as scheduled.

Of course, the second that the NHL schedule came out in July, practically everyone realized that it would probably not be played as scheduled.

The players' first paycheck would have been due at the end of the month (players are paid six times a season).

This would have been the night that the Lightning would have shown off the Stanley Cup to its fans, and raised the banner to the rafters of the St. Pete Times Forum.

It would have been the first night that a lot of players may have taken the ice in their NHL debuts - including Alexander Ovechkin, Ryan Suter, Marc-Andre Fleury.

And a few old faces in new places, like Brett Hull out in Phoenix and Dominik Hasek in Ottawa.

It all could have started tonight.

But it won't.

And it might never start.

I don't know who's to blame, but it's going to take a lot of time to heal the wounds inflicted by this "work stoppage."

Meanwhile, the Admirals open things up Friday night against the Chicago Wolves - and they will raise their Calder Cup banner to the rafters of the Bradley Center.

And I intend to be there.