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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Anyone out there?

Can someone check the Southeast corner of Fourth and State in downtown Milwaukee for signs of life?

Three things occur over this past week, and not a peep was mentioned in the Journalsentinel (remember, it's one newspaper now).
  1. The Milwaukee County headquarters of the Republican Party is stormed by a bunch of Union workers in the middle of the day, and not only disrupts business in the cramped quarters, but also disrupts several nearby businesses. No mention of the incident, nor of the shots fired at the Knoxville GOP headquarters, nor the near riot in Miami and Dade County's GOP headquarters.
  2. The defending American Hockey League champion Milwaukee Admirals open up their pre-season schedule with two strong performances; one in Fond Du Lac and one at Wilson Park. And no one from the paper is there to cover the story.
  3. A major power outage strikes General Mitchell International Airport. Two electric towers topple, cutting power to the Airport - at about the time VP candidate John Edwards is scheduled to arrive in the city. Only a small blurb is put in the paper - no connections are made other than "the FBI have been asked to come in to investigate.

You know, this town is ripe for another newspaper.