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Monday, June 13, 2005

Almost There

I now have only one card missing in two of the four sets that I am trying to build to complete.

My 1978 and 1980 Topps Baseball sets now have only one missing card each - a checklist card and Lance Parrish, respectively. I'm still waiting on some singles for my 1997 Topps base set, which will put me at one card in that set as well.

The other two sets are 1982 (78 cards) and 1991(32 cards) Topps Baseball. It's somewhat unlikely that I'll complete the 1982 set, as one of the missing 78 cards happens to be Cal Ripken's rookie card (can you say $40?). I don't know about the 1991 set; I may do the online store thing to fill it in, but I'm starting to run out of card box room. I am now at 29,048 total cards, with 23,696 singles - and that doesn't include the 15 Bob Uecker 1963 Topps reprints I have sitting around. (The reprints were made to sponsor the Miller Ride For The Arts bike tour, back in 1988. They were handed out for free at Milwaukee County Stadium that summer, since Ueck was the sponsor of the event at the time.)