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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Even More Cards

Watch out now... I've found a little card shop just down the road (figuratively speaking) from me, and he's got a whole bunch of cards and "wax boxes" for sale. He purchased a lot of cards from an estate sale, and he's selling a great bunch of them for only $5 a pop.

I bought a wax box of '91 Topps (40th Anniversary) baseball cards - and eliminated about 80% of my need list for that season.

I'm now working on a set I never had - the 1991-92 Topps Hockey set. 510 cards, and every single one is new for me. It's also the first set that has Sharks cards - which I'm all for.

The total amount of cards is at 28,932 as of this moment. I'm psyched - even though I had to pause when I saw a Steve Chiasson card in the set.