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Monday, February 27, 2006

Back To The Grind

We now resume your regularly scheduled NHL season...

From now until March 10, practically every team in the NHL is going to be part of trade rumors - should they stay or should they go? And right now, the two biggest rumors involve the Predators - one with Brendan Witt, the other with Olli Jokinen.

Jokinen, because of his success in the Olympic tournament, may have played himself out of the reach of Nashville - a pity, because he would be a huge addition to this team, on the level of the Sullivan trade.

Witt is the lesser of the two trades right now, and it's far from 100% that he's heading to the Music City. Rumor had it that he was heading to Nashville back in early February, but something happened that stalled the trade. Now, it's less than 50/50 that he's leaving Washington.

Right now, if there's going to be a trade, Witt is the more likely candidate - but it wouldn't surprise me a bit to turn on my 'puter the evening of the 10th to discover that the Preds made no deals. Poile isn't the type to make a trade just to make a trade (unlike SOME general managers); he wants something he can use and work with in return - and not just a "rental" player.