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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back on the Ice Again

Well, hockey's back and better than ever.

Versus' first game with the Canes and Buffaslugs (those jerseys make me look twice - I thought I was watching a Preds game there for a second) was a quality production. They still have the Blinking Screen of Annoyance (BSoA) going on there at the end, but on the whole the channel has a more "sporty" feel to it - definitely a great transition for the old OLN-TV.

Tonight's the big night in the 'Ville, of course, and Saturday is game one for us in the AHL. I guess, hearing Andrews talk this afternoon, that it's all but certain that Windsor will have an AHL franchise in '08-09. I find that somewhat funny, since that is where the IHL was born.