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Monday, January 29, 2007

Life Is Unfair

It's getting to be a running joke.

At the beginning of the season, I didn't get a chance to see Alexander Radulov play for the Admirals, because my first home game wasn't until the end of October. By that time, he had been called up to the Predators.

Then, he managed to stick for a few games while the Preds had some players healing from injuries. About mid-November, he ended up back in Milwaukee - in between the time I had tickets on my partial STH plan.

Right before Thanksgiving, when I was slated to see the Admirals again - he's called up to Nashville. This time he stays until this past weekend.

Now, I could have gone to the game on Saturday afternoon - actually thought about it for a while. But, I decided I'd rather spend some quality time with the wife around the area. I figured that with all the people coming back to the Preds, I'd be able to catch him when the Ads came back from the All-Star Break.

Damn if it didn't happen again: the Preds announce on Sunday that Rads and Upshall have been called back up to Nashville.

Part of me wonders if Poile is doing this to me intentionally, just to tick me off.