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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Losing yet again

Not even out of the first inning, and the Reds are already up 1-0 on the Brewers.

Back in 1908, the Brooklyn Dodgers and Saint Louis Cardinals had a futility race to see who could lose more games. They both ended up with 27 losses, but the Bums had only played 33 games compared to the Redbirds' 34. The Cards ended up 50 games behind the Cubs in the final standings, locking the basement door behind them. Neither team was in a playoff race (the Bums were 24 games back on September 1st as it was).

If the Crew blows the rest of the season, they will have a 4-26 record - easily the worst record and biggest collapse in major league history.

And I can't see any way of it not happening.

EDIT: Brewers lose 4-3; Sabathia now 9-2 with two losses in his last two starts with the Brewers. Sigh.