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Monday, September 15, 2008

Ned's Gone

The question I had when I heard that Ned Yost was fired as the manager of the Brewers was very simply, "Why now?"

Now, don't get me wrong - I'm thinking they needed to do this, since you can't go 3-11 in the heat of the pennant race without someone taking the fall. However, I think there's that part of me that says, "Why didn't they do this back in May?"

The Brewers and Phillies are now tied for the NL Wild Card lead - the NL Central? Forget it; the tragic number is 6 for the Crew with an eight game lead for the Cubs and only 12 to go in the season.

The talk is swirling around this move - was it Attanasio's call? Melvin's? Why Sveum and not Simmons (who is now being paid to be an "advance scout" - in other words, getting paid to sit on your butt and watch MLB Extra Innings) - or someone else? What's up with Yount suddenly becoming a bench coach? Is Sveum keeping the seat warm for the other Melvin (Bob)? Is this going to be the biggest mistake the Brewers have made since they signed Eric Gagne?

The only way this situation is a win for the Brewers is if the team goes on to get the Wild Card and they at least win the LDS. Anything else and Melvin might be joining Yost in the unemployment line.

What's worse for Yost is, this was an awful day to be fired from your job, in terms of finances. Hopefully he didn't have any of his portfolio through Lehman Brothers.