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Monday, July 28, 2008


Rickie Weeks just gave the game away to the Cubs by side-arming that double-play ball.

For the want of a decent relay to first base, a game was lost. For the want of a single game, a pennant was lost.


A Yellow Quiz

A little quiz for your Monday Morning:

1. The Allstate 400 at the Brickyard was the racing equivalent of which of the following:
2. True or False: The team that is in first place in the National League Central as of the morning of August 1, 2008 is likely to be the team that wins the division.

3. The six names that have been reported for the Oklahoma City "Team Formerly Known As The Supersonics" (Barons, Bisons, Energy, Marshalls, Thunder and Wind) can be adequately described by which of the following?
4. What is most likely to happen to the Green Bay Packers during the 2008 NFL season?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Morning Thoughts

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's Truly Important

So you think I'd be concerned about the Brewers trying to take the lead in the NL Central Division race, or trying to figure out the latest twist and turn to the Brett Favre saga.

Nope. I'm more concerned about what's really important:

Buffalo Wild Wings is opening in Pewaukee on July 28th.

Everything else is dressing.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The DH doesn't stand for Doctor Horrible

Maybe it's just me, but I don't get why everyone is enamored with the Dr. Horrible's blog by Joss Whedon. I guess I'm just old. (As he wolfs down another slice of bacon from his Original Grand Slam from Denny's - from the 2GO menu.)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2008 All-Star Break Standardized Runs All-Stars


AMERICAN LEAGUE (SR Factor: 1.0294)

CA – Joe Mauer, MIN (85 gp, 55.4 SR); A.J. Pierzynski, CHW (78 gp, 42.3 SR)

1B – Justin Morneau, MIN (95 gp, 70.8 SR); Kevin Youkilis, BOS (88 gp, 66.7 SR)

2B – Ian Kinsler, TEX (93 gp, 88.7 SR); Brian Roberts, BAL (91 gp, 68.1 SR)

3B – Alex Rodriguez, NYY (75 gp, SR); Evan Longoria, TAM (84 gp, 54.1 SR)

SS – Matt Young, TEX (91 gp, 57.9 SR); Jhonny Peralta, CLE (87 gp, 49.1 SR)

LF – Carlos Quentin, CHW (91 gp, 64.8 SR); Manny Ramirez, BOS (90 gp, 64.5 SR)

CF – Josh Hamilton, TEX (93 gp, 75.5 SR); Grady Sizemore (91 gp, 74.7 SR)

RF – Nick Markakis, BAL (92 gp, 68.8 SR); Jermaine Dye, CHW (89 gp, 67.8 SR)

DH – Milton Bradley, TEX (80 gp, 70.5 SR); Aubrey Huff, BAL (90 gp, 62.4 SR)

Reserves: 2B – Dustin Pedroia, BOS (95 GP, 64.6 SR); RF – J.D. Drew, BOS (81 gp, 62.4 SR)

NATIONAL LEAGUE (SR Factor: 1.0469)

CA – Brian McCann, ATL (89 gp, 64.7 SR); Gevonni Soto, CHC (88 gp, 58.2 SR).

1B – Lance Berkman, HOU (93 gp, 95.3 SR); Albert Pujols, STL (93 gp, 78.0 SR)

2B – Chase Utley, PHI (94 gp, 77.4 SR); Dan Uggla, FLA (81 gp, 65.5 SR)

3B – Chipper Jones, ATL (83 gp, 83.0 SR); David Wright, NYM (94 gp, 67.4 SR)

SS – Hanley Ramirez, FLA (93 gp, 82.1 SR); Jose Reyes, NYM (93 gp, 71.5 SR)

LF – Matt Holliday, COL (79 gp, 71.5 SR); Pat Burrell, PHI (94 gp, 69.5 SR)

CF – Nate McLouth, PIT (90 gp, 69.3 SR); Carlos Beltran, NYM (94 gp, 61.2 SR)

RF – Ryan Ludwick, STL (87 gp, 62.6 SR); Corey Hart, MIL (93 gp, 58.0 SR)

Reserves: 1B – Derek Lee, CHC (94 gp, 69.6 SR); LF – Jason Bay, PIT (92 gp, 68.0 SR); LF – Carlos Lee, HOU (94 gp, 66.3 SR); 3B – Aramis Ramirez, CHC (88 gp, 61.9 SR)

For a brief summary of the Standardized Runs formula, go here.




Cliff Lee, CLE (18 gp, 30.7 CYP)

Daisuke Matsuzaka, BOS (16 gp, 21.0 CYP)

Justin Duchscherer, OAK (16 gp, 18.7 CYP)

Ervin Santana, ANA (19 gp 18.3 CYP)

Joe Saunders, ANA (18 gp, 17.3 CYP)


Mariano Rivera, NYY (38 gp, 16.6 CYP)

J.P. Howell, TAM (35 gp, 11.9 CYP)

Ron Mahay KAN (40 gp, 11.4 CYP)



Edinson Volquez, CIN (20 gp, 24.0 CYP)

Tim Lincecum, SFG (20 gp, 23.5 CYP)

Brandon Webb, ARI (20 gp, 20.5 CYP)

Kyle Lohse, STL (20 gp, 18.8 CYP)

Ben Sheets, MIL (18 gp, 18.1 CYP)


Brad Lidge, PHI (40 gp, 14.8 CYP)

Francisco Cordero, CIN (43 gp, 10.5 CYP)

Kerry Wood, CHC (44 gp, 8.8 CYP)

Explanation of Cy Young Points

Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's looking like no one cares about little things like contracts, agreements or playing by the rules anymore.

Has this crappy economy really done this to us, where you have things like Alexander Radulov signing an essentially illegal contract with a Russian hockey club - while still under contract with the Nashville Predators?

Are we all that much of a pain in the posterior that Brett Favre - because the Packers want to move on and not deal with his "am I retiring?" crap again - is asking to be released from his contract so he can play elsewhere?

And why can't we find enough people who want to come in to work on a weekend in July? (Okay, scratch that last one - this is, after all, the season of festivals and parties in Wisconsin.)

I think this world is getting to the point of just saying "bleep you" to everyone and anyone. It's sad, really.


Friday, July 11, 2008

So much for "Agreements"

One source.

That's all that it takes to get an internet rumor started: one source.

And if that one source is a world away, and in a language not easily translated, and no other source is anywhere near that source...

You end up with this.

Yeah. Nice. Right after everyone was touting how the NHL and the KHL (Russian Continental Hockey League) had come to an "agreement" to respect the contracts of the other league's players.

Dear Alexander,


And unlike your friend Evgeni Malkin, you can't just tell them "I quit" and give two week's notice.

This is not Russia.

Predators Nation.


Friday, July 04, 2008

No, No, NO.

Let's get something completely and totally straight:


The Packers as an organization are not dumb. They aren't going to be held hostage by the wishful thinking of a few close compatriots and hangers-on of the former quarterback. Brett told them he was retiring, and that's what they've done their planning for 2008 believing was the case.

If Brett wants to do a Namath/Unitas/Montana routine and try to come back with another team (hello, Atlanta?) - hey, more power to him.

But no, the first snap under center of the regular season for the Pack will be done with Aaron Rogers - not with Favre.

On to other things: