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Monday, May 04, 2009


A few milestones that the Admirals may be able to achieve during this Calder Cup playoff run. Consider this: if the Admirals... two more games in their series with Houston, they would have posted their 100th playoff victory in franchise history. (The depressing part of this fact is that the Admirals have been playing as a professional team in league play for 35 seasons.)

...defeat Houston in the Western Division Finals, it would be their 10th time winning a series in the Calder Cup playoffs - more that all of the other playoff series won by the Admirals in the USHL or IHL.

...advance to the Western Conference Finals and win at least two games in that series (against either Manitoba or Grand Rapids), they would have won more games in the Calder Cup (AHL) playoffs (47 wins) than in the Turner Cup (IHL) playoffs (46). the Western Division Finals series AND the Western Conference Finals series, it would be their 19th and 20th playoff series wins, respectively.

...make it to the Calder Cup Finals, it would be the franchise's sixth appearance in the league finals, and the franchise's third appearance in the AHL's Final series - more appearances that in any other league finals (2 USHL, 1 IHL).

...extend their Western Division Finals series to seven games and win, then win the Western Conference final in seven games, game three of the Calder Cup finals would be the franchise's record 23rd game of any single playoff season. (The current record is 22 in the Cup-winning season of 2004.)

…win the Calder Cup, they would have won more playoff games as the primary affiliate of the Nashville Predators (55) than in their prior seasons in the USHL and IHL (54).