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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Notebook - An Update

I finally got through all of the notes in my NIV study bible. 81 pages worth. As I suspected, I had way more notes in the NT than the OT - 58 and a half to 22 and a half. The Gospels were 14 pages total.

Speaking of 14 - that was the number of books that I didn't have notes for. Only three were NT books (2nd Peter, 3rd John, and Jude).

Two chapters had about the same number of notes: I Timothy 3 and James 1. Though I Corinthians 15 had a little more than a page, it wasn't as concentrated as the two previously mentioned chapters.

I also had 28 different verses/passages that were marked "John 3:16". No, that's not a misprint; they are 28 different verses that point to John 3:16. (I'll post them one of these days.)

I also added a page that I'd highlighted from the Ryrie section on doctrine, about the doctrine of Salvation. That made for an even 82 pages of notes.

At some point, I'll share some of the stuff I had written down here - some of it's fun, some of it's serious.